Join DiscoverAmerica Committee in Finland now and get more value for your business!
New ideas and winds are setting up more action within DiscoverAmerica Finland Committee. This website is an example of how we try to make everything as easy as possible for you to get updated information on how to find the possibilities to promote your company/region.
We are consciously looking for new ways to expand our co-operation with all partners. In the big picture we are aiming for more activities and possibilities for members to reach our mutual target groups. For the future we are planning to have individual members to work towards our mutual goal in increasing travel to the States. We do have active co-operation with Nordic countries is also under consideration and hope we soon have some news concerning this.
Hope you see this as a great way to promote your product and create and strengthen your network here in Finland as well as in the Nordic countries.
Our energetic and active team is at your service!

The easiest way to become a member of DiscoverAmerica Committee in Finland is to fill in your company information through this link and your market channel to Finnish market is open!

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