LaGuardia Airport Now Has $15 Flat-Rate Rides to Manhattan and Brooklyn


Conde Nast Traveler:

LaGuardia Airport Now Has $15 Flat-Rate Rides to Manhattan and Brooklyn

Getting to and from New York's airports is notoriously difficult and expensive—and LaGuardia Airport is the worst of the bunch, with no affordable and practical public transportation option available. This year at LaGuardia, transportation to and from the hub has been especially rough, as it's in the thick of a massive $8 billion construction project. Passengers have been largely left to fend for themselves among snaking traffic lines, snarled drop-off points, and far-flung shuttles to taxis for arriving passengers.

Now just before the holiday travel rush the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey—the government agency that runs the airport—has teamed up with ride-share app Via to offer a new affordable (and less stressful) option for leaving the airport.
For just a $15 flat-rate fee, arriving passengers can take a car pool ride to any destination in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens. For the farther boroughs of Staten Island and the Bronx the flat fee will be upped to $20. The service, called LGA Connect, is currently in a pilot program phase and available for passengers arriving in Terminals C and D.

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